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Gardening Tools & Supplies
Supplies for your garden

Garden Tote & Tool Set
Make your indoor gardening easy with this Deluxe Indoor Gardening Set, containing four digging tools, pruners, and a mister in an attractive canvas mini-tote. Everything you need to care for your indoor plants in one convenient place! Tools are constructed of die-cast aluminum and guaranteed for life.

From: WindowBox

Price: $34.99

Grow Plugs Seed-Starting Kit
Vented mini-greenhouses hold 18 Grow Plugs made from a biodegradable medium enhanced with fertilizer and beneficial fungi. Sow seeds in preformed holes. Plugs soak up water from the tray below. Later, plant plugs right in the garden--no transplant setback. 1 Offer/Kit includes three mini-greenhouses, three 6-cell inserts and packages of 18 plugs.

From: Gurney Seed and Nursery

Price: $8.95


Round Peat Pots
No transplant shock! Start seeds and cuttings indoors, then plant Round Peat Pots and all in your garden. Roots penetrate walls and pots disintegrate, leaving peat to enrich the soil.

From: Gurney Seed and Nursery

Price: $5.95



Wooden Garden Labels & Pens
Identify garden rows and houseplants. For each offer ordered, get 50 labels. Solid wood labels last full season or more. Available in two sizes. Pens available too!

From: Henry's Seed and Nursery

Price: $4.95



Gardener's Companion Set
We’ve selected our three favorites! Save 22% when you buy this set.

Set Includes:
- Trowel
- Cultivator
- Fork

From: Mantis Home & Garden

Price: $21.95


Fiskars Phone & Garden Pocket
Strap it around your waist to carry your phone, beeper, pruner, seeds, even bottled water - conveniently while you do your yard work. Padded pocket protects your phone as you work; hear-thru mesh means no more missed calls. Second pocket can hold a variety of garden tools; also features a key latch and pencil loop. Attractive and durable nylon material.

From: Mantis Home & Garden

Price: $14.95 Free Shipping!


6-in-1 Garden Tool
It's a sturdy pruner, forked weeder, straight knife blade, sharp-tooth sawblade, serrated peel knife and soil knife all in one compact tool. Open, it's 7¾" long. Folded, it's 4½" long. Stainless steel blades. Easy-grip textured green plastic handles. Includes green nylon holster that hangs from your belt. Durable. Weather-resistant. Makes a great gift!!

From: Mantis Home & Garden

Price: $19.95 Free Shipping!


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