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Orchid Wedding Centerpieces
Buy beautiful orchid centerpieces for your wedding or special event for only $15 each!
Up to 42% off retail price!

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing for your special event

White Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants
The classic white phalaenopsis is the perfect centerpiece for any event. These orchid plants come in 4" pots in bloom.

06 plants - Only $20.00 ea.
12 plants - Only $18.00 ea.
20 plants - Only $15.00 ea.




Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid Wedding Centerpieces PlantsPink Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants
The lavendar orchid plant adds lots of vibrant color the the table. Guests will love to take home this beautiful plant as their party favor. Comes in 4" pots in bloom.

06 plants - Only $20.00 ea.
12 plants - Only $18.00 ea.
20 plants - Only $15.00 ea.

Assorted Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants
A variety of colors for your special event, get this assorted phalaenopsis orchid package! 4" pots in bloom.

20 plants - Only $15.00 ea.




Assorted Dendrobium Orchid Plants
A variety of colors for your special event, get this assorted dendrobium orchid package! 4" pots in bloom.

06 plants - Only $20.00 ea.
12 plants - Only $18.00 ea.
20 plants - Only $15.00 ea.



Midori Organdy Ribbon
Beautiful Midori Organdy Ribbon is great for decorating your orchid wedding centerpieces. Tie big bows around the stem of the orchid for a finished look.

From: Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Price: As low as $0.58 per yard

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Tosca Rolled Rim Pots
The Tosca Rolled Rim Pots comes in your choice of Damask Blue, Damask Red, or Damask Black. The beautiful rustic charm of the Tosca Rolled Rim Pots is sure to be the perfect complement for your orchid centerpieces.

From: Garden-Fountains.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm local, may I pick up the plants to save on shipping?
Unfortunately, we do not offer local pickups. The orchid plants are shipped directly from our grower in Hawaii to the address you specify.

How many spikes?
The orchid plants have one spike.

How tall are the orchids?
The orchid plant sizes vary from plant to plant. On average, they are 1.5 feet tall.

How far in advance should I place my order?
We recommend you place your order at least 3 weeks in advance of your special event. When you place your order online, please provide your event date. We will ship your order the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday before your event date via FedEx or UPS 2 Day Delivery. If you need to receive the orchid plants earlier to allow more time to arrange the orchid plants as centerpieces (arranging them in nice containers, tying bows, etc.), please send us an e-mail after you place your order so we may accommodate your needs.

Are the orchids in bloom?
Yes, upon packaging your orchid order, the orchids are in bloom.

What type of container are the orchids in?
The orchid centerpieces are shipped in plastic grower's containers. The light plastic pots help keep shipping costs low for our customers! One would need to change them out into nicer planters/containers to match the event's decor and setting.

Any other suggestions?
For a special event, we recommend ordering one sample orchid a couple weeks beforehand to make sure the size, style, quality, etc. of our orchids is to your liking. Also when you place the big order, you might want to consider ordering a couple extra orchid plants in case any breakage happens during shipment or during event set up.

Please read our orchid plant warranty policy and orchid care tips.


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