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How To Make a Quick & Easy Orchid Wedding Centerpiece


1. Blooming Orchid Plants
2. Planters/Pots/Containers
3. Colorful Ribbons
4. Moss (optional)


Depending on the number of centerpieces, it should take a mere 5-10 minutes to arrange each centerpiece. Perfect for busy bridal parties.

Step 1

Purchase and gather all the supplies you need above.

Blooming Orchid Plants - You can purchase orchid plants from our website or you can purchase them at a local florist. If you purchase from a local florist, read our How to Pick Orchids guide.

Planters/Pots/Containers - Planters, baskets, clay pots, and vases all look beautiful and depend on the type of event you're having. You can purchase planters and clay pots at a local gardening center, baskets at a local craft store.

A cheap alternative is to buy inexpensive clay pots and paint them with one of your theme colors.

Colorful Ribbons - Purchase colorful ribbon at a local craft store.

Supplies for your DIY Orchid Centerpieces:

Buy Orchid Plants - Only $15 each!
Shipped directly from Hawaii. Available in white and lavendar!

Shop for Orchid Plants



Tosca Rolled Rim Pots Planters
Orchid plants would look stunning in these Tosca rolled rim pots.

From Garden-Fountains
Shop for premium pots and planters


Colorful Midori Ribbon
Beautiful Midori Organdy Ribbon is great for decorating your orchid wedding centerpieces. Tie big bows around the stem of the orchid for a finished look.

From Beau-coup
Shop for the elegant wedding favors


Step 2

The orchids normally are sold in plastic grower's containers. If you choose a container/basket/pot that is just a little bigger in radius than this plastic container, you can simply drop the orchid plants into the purchased containers.


Step 3 (optional)

For an extra spring look, add green moss to cover the base of the plant. This will give the table a brighter, garden feel.

If you purchase the moss and do this yourself, you'll save $50+ compared to having the florist add this little detail for you.

Step 4

Tie a colorful bow to the stem of the orchid plant. Be very gentle as not to break the stem. Voila! You've got a beautiful orchid centerpiece!